Donation Request Policy

The Rusty Nail Winery is highly involved in our community, supporting organizations with our time and donations whenever possible. We are pleased to support a variety of non-profit organizations with particular emphasis on charitable programs that benefit children, education and healthcare within the State of Oklahoma.     

Our Donation Request Guidelines

If your organization is 501(c)(3) compliant and your fundraiser supports local children, education and/or healthcare programs, please submit a Donation Request Form (attached below) after reviewing the Donation Request Guidelines:

  1. Donation Request Form (attached) must be received at least 4 weeks prior to your event.  It may be submitted in person, or via mail or email.  We do not accept donation requests over the phone.
  2. Our donation may include bottles of wine, a wine gift basket and/or a certificate for a wine tasting for 6-10 people.  The donation is to be used for fundraising (not consumption at the fundraiser) and proceeds must go to the organization indicated on the Donation Request Form.
  3. Donation recipient/winner must be 21 years of age or older.
  4. If your request is for wine or a wine gift basket, your organization must provide documentation of a valid Charity Wine/Beer Event License issued by the ABLE Commission.
  5. Within 5 days of receipt of your request, you will receive confirmation by phone or e-mail as to whether we can honor your donation request.  We are often approached by many worthwhile organizations for assistance; regretfully, we are not able to commit to every request for donation as we are a small, family-owned winery.
  6. If we are able to accommodate your request, you must pick-up wine donations in person.  Certificates for wine tasting can be picked up in person or mailed based on your preference.
  7. If your charity or cause has a different focus than those mentioned above, we may give 30% off the purchase of any gift shop items you may need for your fundraiser.  Please provide a Donation Request Form at the time of your purchase.

If you have questions, please contact Debbie at  Thank you for considering the Rusty Nail Winery, we wish you all the best in your charitable endeavors. 

Melissa Lee Alexander,
Jan 9, 2012, 5:56 PM